4smarts Car Vent Holder GRABBER 2.0 grey/black

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Always find your destination safely while using your smartphone as a navigation device. The 4smarts grabber 2.0 for the car ventilation grille ensures that you always keep track. Perfect for travelers, sales representatives or truck drivers.


Extremely easy assembling of the smartphone in the holder 

The inserted smartphone closes with it´s own weight automatically the holding brackets

Optional locking function for the holding brackets: Ideal for pre-adjusting the holder to the exact smartphone size

Extremely strong, rubberized clamp for attaching the holder to the ventilation grille of the vehicle

Super compact - therefore easy to store if not in use

Ultra universal holder for all smartphones 

Joint with 360° rotation and 90° turning angle ensures an individual orientation, even while driving

Soft rubber surfaces on the connection areas protect against scratches

Does not reduce the field of vision of the driver

Robust and reliable

For devices with a width of up to 90 mm

Navigation with a smartphone has never been so easy and comfortable. Just insert the device in the holder and you're ready to go. Due to the weight of your mobile phone, the locking mechanism is triggered and the retaining brackets close easily. These brackets fit perfectly to the width of your smartphone and keep it securely in position.

As an option, this car mount can also be preset on any smartphone. Simply insert the smartphone into the holder and operate the slide lock button on the back. Now the clamps are optimally adjusted to the device and allow easy removal or insertion into the holder without sacrificing secure hold.

Ball joint:
For avoiding of holder damages always open the screwing to adjust the ball joint. If the desired adjustment of angle is reached, close the screw of the joint to fix it.

Package contains: 

4smarts Grabber car holder for mounting on the car vent grill

Compatible with devices with a width of 62 to 90 mm and a maximum depth of 12 mm, such as:



1 Articolo